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"We were very impressed with Munson-Cox. The inviting atmosphere, the large displays of prior work, the impressive staff, and the professionalism in all aspects of the photography process was way more than we could have expected. The purchasing process for us is often a trying experience, but the very easy approach and allowing us to work within our budget without trying to SELL us - meant a lot to us as well. We are grateful for Munson-Cox and hope you will enjoy your experience too." -Donald Jones (father of Nicole Jones, Timber Creek High School)

What do Munson-Cox portraits cost?

When you come in to see your portraits, we will display your images larger than life then take the time you need to make your decisions. At Munson-Cox Portrait Design, you get just what you want. There are no minimum orders. Some seniors spend $300, others $3000. Its entirely up to you! There are many portrait options designed to fit your budget. Gift sized portraits are available, starting at $106 for 5x7s or 8x10s. We have packages starting at just $326. Our Featured Packages can save you as much as 40% and include Framed Wall Portraits, Gift Sizes, Wallets and Web Share images.

Part of the Munson-Cox Studio experience is a competent, friendly staff who treats you with respect and helps you get the best value for your money.

* Includes: Framed Wall Portrait
* Gift Portraits & Wallets
* Web-share Digital Images